High quality processes

At redWEB, we utilize four core processes:

Analysis - The outset of your solution, beginning with addressing your needs and building a strategic concept.

Design - Well-considered and proven design are created in collaboration with the client.

Development - The right technical implementation all designs and functions as defined during the analysis stage.

Marketing - Everything needed to make the solution perform optimally post-launch.

We create the space for growth

We deliver complete solutions that cover every need for a business on the precipice of fully entering the digital world. Regardless of the kinds of audiences you wish to reach, our systems are able to create certain magical moments across every user journey that brings them closer to conversion.

We build bridges between businesses and users through technology, that shortens those external user journeys for your visitors and optimizes the internal value chain for your business.

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We build lasting relations

We know our clients, and they know us. Through solid partnerships we continue delivering far-reaching value for our clients.

We understand business

We act as your digital development partner, and our highest priority is to aid our clients in strengthening every aspect of their business - not just their website or their webshop.

We have transformed the ways in which several of our clients run their business - by acting as developer, supplier, and consultant through our solutions. Our primary goal is to "break the code" in each client solution by analysing the current and future needs in collaboration with the clients themselves. We focus on creating definitive results with simplified and collected solutions going forward, laying the basis for more effective and scalable growth - whereever you are in the world.

Our process is thoroughly tested and ensures well-functioning solutions that fulfill every requirement and makes our clients' businesses more adaptable to any future market shifts.

We understand technology

Our solutions take advantage of the latest technological trends in the form of personalization, lead generation, conversion optimization, and marketing automation. The next is to connect these technologies with people, and make any new opportunities intuitive and actionable, so they can be applied in order to create tangible value.

Technology needs to be accessible and usable in every aspect of business development, so that your business is able to keep renewing itself as the market shifts and new trends arise. Among other things, this can result in streamlined company work flows, an outside-in perspective, along with a more consistent digital brand.

We develop all of our solutions in-house without the use of outsourcing, so we will never fall behind, and we will never place any limitations on what can be possible. Our goal is to close the gap between business and technology, so you aren't playing catchup in a furious race to even understand what possibilities are open to you.

We understand people

The easier technology is to use, the faster it is implemented into the daily routines of your business, and the quicker you can begin creating value. This means there will be an organizational surplus of time and resources to develop your business, and it will be easier to facilitate digital innovation, which allows you to gain access to the competitive advantages that are sought by every business.

By highlighting the simplication of your company's internal value chain, we can, for instance, reduce the amount of third party tools. Not only will this make the day to day work much easier, it also results in lower overhead and fewer technical issues. By connecting the various systems within your company value chain, it becomes simpler to work efficiently and purposefully towards a shared strategic outcome.

Out solutions are also designed to optimize any digital revenue streams that flow through your website and other channels. More specifically, higher conversion rates on new and returning customers, more qualified leads for the sales department, more actionable info about your target audiences, and personalized marketing using the power of context.

How should we develop your potential?

All of our projects are based directly on your needs, and we are open for any larger challenges you may have.

This means that you can come to us with any kind of idea you wish to make real, no matter how ambitious it is.

Or maybe we have an entirely new concept for you, that can transform the way you do business. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.

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Jerri K. Christiansen

CEO Vietnam

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