Simple expression but showing a clear definition "unique" of this Mexico restaurant

The Challenge

Mexican culture is unique and distinct from other regions in the World. Therefore, developing a website imbued with Mexican identity culture which makes customers engage is not easy. Web designers have to bear in mind three things: proper color tones, the content not only expresses its own characteristics, but also has to be user friendly, besides that the simple template is the must.

The Solution

redWEB has learned and summarized what they know to proceed a website as required by Bandido. With the dominant color of blue, the color of the water is reminiscent of the beautiful and dreamy Gulf of Mexico, in addition the redWEB design team also uses the banner design style of the old years to show a clear definition "unique" of this restaurant.




Website bearing the mark of Mexico was born and ready to serve customers through the link The website was developed with the criteria as simple as possible but must bear a special mark with nostalgic features of Mexico in the 90's with stylized banners and reminiscent writing.

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