Beer Fridge

Selling directly to customers via e-commerce website

The Challenge

After the time of selling via the online ordering platform, Beer Fridge looks forward to approaching and taking care of their customers directly to provide a better experience in shopping and drinking beer 

In oder to develop the orientation, Beer Fridge requires building a own e-commerce website with a modern style, friendly interface, easy to use and interactive. More importantly, the website must integrate effective management and order processing features.

The Solution

As a professional team in the deployment of solutions based on Beer Fridge's difficulties, concerns and desires, redWEB has conducted research, analysis and design of an e-commerce website dedicated to Beer Fridge.

Beer Fridge's online ordering platform is optimized with a user-friendly interface, creating a place where Beer Fridge can reach, interact and sell directly to customers. In addition, the website is integrated with the features of a webshop/ecom: delivery (Lalamove), online payment, POS (KiotViet) and SMS (eSMS) system which automatically update orders.

Beer Fridge

 All about a good selection of cold beer delivered directly to your doorstep.

Save management time

redWEB has integrated and optimized features: Lalamove delivery, PayPal payment, KiotViet sales management system and SMS (eSMS) system which automatically update orders ... These features has allowed Beer Fridge to save a lot of time in organizing, managing and processing orders.

Besides, the system also automatically records customer information that helps Beer Fridge gradually build customer database. This might contribute to making proper long-term business strategies.

Unlimited product catalogues

Beer Fridge wants to give their customers a better experience that they can stay at home, order online and their beer will be delivered quickly to their door step without having to wrestle with dust in order to a cup of tasty beer.

Therefore, besides the features of webshop, the website does not limit the number of catalogus and products. Customers can find more than 100 different beers on the Beer Fridge e-commerce website.

Get a unique, visionary solution

redWEB is always ready for what you need. It could be a simple webshops or even a larger solutions with entirely new integration.

Please contact (+84) (28) 3838 9052 or fill out the registration form, redWEB will respond to you as soon as possible.

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