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The Challenge

Palby Marine wished to increase the sale of their 10.000+ products through streamlined product management in cooperation with their 500+ retailers in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. One of the goals was to expedite delivery systems, as well as making their digital catalogue easily searchable from the front page.

Additionally, there was a need for increased end user traffic, who also needed access to the product catalogue and a personal shopping list, though without direct ordering. In this way, Palby could strengthen relation to their retailers by funneling users to individual shops.

Moreover, we facilitated a complete integration of Microsoft AXAPTA to handle basic maintenance. All data flowing through the website is maanged by AXAPTA and is updated automatically.

The Solution

The end user can now locate Palby's website through specific product searches - every product is indexed on Google. The site now also accounts for searches that involved Palby's products in a specific context. For instance, "installing a fridge in your boat" or "changing oil in a boat engine".

By using an Inspiration section where they use storytelling in conjnction with their Google searches, Palby drives organic traffic to their site from potential end users that they can then funnel directly to their retailers.

Each product is set up to account for both B2B and B2C users. That's why they are presented both visually, but also with dynamic text descriptions to account for the more curious visitors as well as the search engines, and to facilitate personalised storytelling. 

"We have been very satisfied with our partnership with redWEB. Before we chose redWEB as our new website provider, we sat through a long process with five different development houses, each with their own unique solution proposal."

We chose redWEB because we felt, that they understood our business, and was able to see exactly where we wanted to go with our new site. During the entire development process, redWEB has been very flexible, quickly correct issues we weren't quite satisfied with. The end result is a site that we are very happy with.

Michael Møller – Web manager at Palby

Strong retailer relations

End users are not able to shop directly on the Palby website. They can, however, add products to a shopping list and send it to their local retailer. Using this method, Palby can maintain the relationships with their retailers without siphoning their sales.

Flexible, custom-built solutions

Our solutions are made to specifically facilitate the needs of our customers. Read on if you wish to see the results.

About the project

Palby Marine is Denmark’s largest wholesaler of maritime equipment and replacement parts. With an assortment of over 10.000 different products, they wanted to increase traffic and optimise their B2B ordering process in addition to creating a narrower B2C funnel for new visitors. Palby’s ERP-system was also fully integrated, allowing for a complete automation of all their product information.

Palby Marine has been a redWEB client for more than 5 years. They chose redWEB as their full circle service provider because of a greater understanding of their business needs and their unique vision for their new website. After years of successful ecommerce results with redSHOP, they are now ready to take the next step with Aesir.

Premium Product Finder

Palby’s 10.000+ products have been automatically indexed on Google, with additional context modifiers. When potential customers search for general tips or products related to maritime equipment, links to Palby products are shown organically.

The primary addition to the solution was contextual product integration, where users are shown Palby products through specific circumstantial searches on Google - e.g.  "defrosting your boat".

The site itself is built around streamlined product searching with included links to storytelling and dynamic content based on the users' searches, as well as accounting for synonyms.

Streamlined content

A direct integration into Palby’s ERP-system results in an always up-to-date and searchable product catalogueand a smoother ordering process. Every buyer’s history is saved in the system, giving immediate access to invoices, discounts, preferences, and statistics.

The site is built around shortening individual user journeys by funneling potential customers to the product they need from multiple different directions, either through dynamic storytelling or by including inspirational content in search results.

For instance, in addition to the basic product views, there is a "find equipment" function for those who don't quite know what they are looking for, and may need to narrow down their search based on their individual boats.

Get a unique, visionary solution

Palby Marine had some very unique requests that we worked to develop and implement as a team. This led to a unique structure based on a strong vision, which propelled them ahead of their competition. We can do the same for your business.

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