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The Challenge

Sofacompany is a leading sofa design and manufacturing company in Denmark, with a presence in 11 countries around the world, with a complete process from design drafting, production to quality control, distribution and retail.

Sofacompany wants to create a website that provides the best experience for shoppers, with a simple and elegant interface, deeply focus on this brand identity from Europe.

The Solution

As a professional team in the deployment of solutions based on Joomla!, and with Sofacompany, redWEB has found successful solutions to their desire. The backend of the website will be built on Joomla, which is an open source software being developed and widely used all over the world. It’s known for its scalability, high security and especially for allowing customers to change and update content faster.

In addition, the website is displayed in a better way on smartphones, helping shoppers access Sofacompany's website any time they want and see exactly what they are looking for. On smartphone, redWEB used Responsive Web technology for an easy-to-use interface, which is very customer friendly.

Always upgraded

Sofacompany now has the optimal approach to shoppers with the latest technology. redWEB perfected and enhanced customer experience, and delivered effective images with the brand identity.

Large scale solutions

Our platform is built to support huge amounts of data for multi-national corporations. Read more about our other solutions here.

We cracked the code

Sofacompany's solution is a unique blend of business, technology, and human development.

Really, it's all about putting the customer at the center of your business. It sounds simple, but it is a difficult process to actually transform your business' entire philosophy around this concept. Luckily, we are experts in doing this.

Should we also crack the code for your online business?

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