Reflecting the uniqe culture in the webdesign

The Challenge

Designing a website according to Tomatito Saigon's proposal is not easy because Tomatito Saigon is a subsidiary of el Willy group fun f & b, a famous company in the f & b industry. Having to cooperate with a company of such caliber, redWEB must catch the right psychology of customers, that is to create a product that creates a connected and viral community, in order to bring out the style. which the company wants to target.

The Solution

To implement the project, it is necessary to have the professionalism and dedication. As a leading company in the industry, redWEB is confident to announce it could turn a website into a catchphrase for its customers. With an elegant language and simple layouts combined with animations imbued Spain on the front page. redWEB depicts a restaurant page which is bursting with unique flamenco dances through short but elaborate video footage.

Tomatito Saigon

Inspired by the Spanish bars from the 80's

About the project

The very first TOMATITO opened its doors in 2014. It is the casual little brother  of EL Willy in Shanghai, created by Spanish chef Willy Trullas Monero. This sexy tapas bar is el Willy’s casual interpretation of the prêt-à-porter.

Inspired by the Spanish bars from the 80’s, with a modern twist, with 3 locations across Asia (Shanghai, Manila, Saigon); the design by MAx Trullas of MTMDESIGN, reflects an evolution of the concept in each restaurant with a sexy common note. The atmosphere is relaxing, funky and a perfect place for younger crowds to grab a bite or even have a couple drinks.

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