The key factor determines profitability in the F&B industry

The development of technology and the internet have made a major impact in the F&B industry.

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What is customer data?

Customer data is a collection of information about buying behaviors (products/services research, frequency and volume of purchases), personal information (gender, age, interests, occupation and income), digital behaviors (website, social networks) and customer experience perceived during the customer journey.

In recent years, customer data has played a crucial role in business, especially in the dine-in service business. It requires an understanding and interaction between businesses and each customer. It is no exaggeration to say that customer data is the foundation of an effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that helps enhance business efficiency and revenue.


How customer data benefits F&B enterprises


Nowadays, because the quality of life is improves day by day, the demand for meals of customers is also stricter. One of the key elements in successful F&B business is the ability to retain a collection of data and turn that data into useful information that businesses can analyze and devise long-term business purposes.

  • Increase sales: Customer data provides essential information about the overall picture of the F&B market, trends and target customers' portraits. From there, businesses will have an objective view of the competitive advantages and make appropriate decisions and solutions in the supply chain, products and services in each customer segment.
  • Improve marketing strategy: By understanding their customers, F&B businesses can estimate the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. They can offer solutions, the right products and the right time to reach the right people, to help optimize the campaign. This way the cost remains effective and highly effective.
  • Owning loyal customers: Customer data shows the interaction between customers and businesses, and behaviors throughout the purchase journey, which allows businesses to personalize interaction, rise satisfaction and concrete the relationships with customers. This can be translated to support and loyalty.

So how could you collect quality customer data? Via your own e-commerce website: An ordering platform where you can sell your products to your customers directly!

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