F&B business: In-house or Outsourcing ordering platform?

Technology is growing, consumers increasingly tend to prefer to order online because of its convenience.

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-- Is cooperating with third parties the right move?


It might sound like the most logical idea because you do not need to change too much in your current business system. These third parties - the delivery partners - who own applications or online ordering websites, can help you reach and sell to a large number of customers. But the downside is that you have to incur a commission fee for every single order.

The common business formula of the online food delivery service in the world is the commission earned from drivers, restaurants and promotional cooperation programs. Many statistics and market research have shown that this commission can range from 15 - 40% on each order. And on top of that, some F&B business owners have to pay extra fees to the owners of those ordering platforms, to be put on the top positions of their delivery apps and/or websites. It might allow their business to attract more customers, but for some F&B businesses, this fee can be considered to be quite high.

In addition, when cooperating with a third party, your F&B enterprise misses an enormous amount of customer data, which is such an important factor in your long-term business campaign and right marketing orientation. By holding a huge database of users including age, gender, average spending on online delivery services, taste, etc. these “super-app” platforms earn a lot of revenue from restaurant owners who want to promote their brand/product, because it allow them to deliver highly effective advertising.


-- Choose to set up your own online ordering platform!


Now is your chance to get your own e-commerce website with the necessary features integrated such as  ordering, delivery and a guide for customers to order directly on your website. No need to worry anymore about the technological barriers or concerns about a third parties' delivery management.

Having your own e-commerce website also allows you to not only to keep the product at a competitive price for your customers, but also to built up your own customer database, which helps your enterprise to directly improve the customer experience and make the right decisions in marketing campaigns as well as make proper adjustments for long-term business strategies.

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