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Aesir is the next generation of Digital Experience Platforms, tailored specifically to function as the supportive backbone of any business undergoing digital transformation.

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Aesir makes a difference for these businesses

Aesir forms the backbone of these businesses' digital transformation cycle.

Unlimited personalization

TV commercials and web ads can still produce results, but the overall value is gradually decreasing because they are static. The modern digital user wants to be directly spoken to, and not as another cog in a huge target group machine.

That is why they block ads and mainly seek out content that is valuable to them, whenever they want it. The faster and easier a user can find the content they are looking for, the better their experience, and the higher the likelihood of them converting.

With Aesir, the user is at the center of the experience. We know this from customer relationships in the real world, but the sheer amount of users combined with the anonymity of the internet, it has been impossible to recreate this dynamic in the digital world.

Until now - Aesir uses the latest technologies to analyse each individiual user's behaviour, and is then able to customize the user experience based on the specific wants and needs that are displayed through their behaviour on your website. This is how you can ensure more meaningful experiences, which is what converts in the current digital marketplace.

All-in-one, always upgraded

In addition to behavioural content enrichment, every function in Aesir is native and integrated in one simple interface that you can use to manage your business' entire digital presence. From a fully-featured CMS, to B2B and B2C ecommerce, to an expanded DAM and PIM, to marketing automation across every channel - Aesir contains every functionality that a business needs to optimize their brand identity - both online and offline.

We can custom develop any additional functions for your specific solution - Aesir is flexible and built to be rebuilt. It is a simple matter to swap modules or make adjustments to individual fields without the need for further development or programming skills. So if data shows you that a certain function or section isn't being used - replace it.

Moreover, Aesir is always upgraded to the latest version with no additional overhead. You no longer have to think about falling behind or buying new base functionality for your solutions, and there is no limit to the number of active users per license, resulting in digital stability for your website.

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Aesir integrations strengthen your value chain

Aesir is transforming the way companies do business through reliable data, leading to needs-based development, as well as optimized, connected processes.

The various features of Aesir are designed to highlight the importance of simplifying your company's value chain. By using native functionality, you can reduce the amount of third party tools, potentially saving you huge amounts of time and money. Not only will it make the regular workday much easier, it also results in lower overhead and fewer technical issues.

By connecting the various system, it becomes easier to optimize your internal workflows and work more effectively and purposefully towards a common strategic goal.

If you integrate e.g. your ERP or CRM systems into Aesir, crating content for specific segments becomes extremely simple, regardless of whether they are new or returning customers.

Aesir also measures an engagement level based on each user's behaviour, and can then notify the sales department if they showcase a particularly interesting pattern.

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Aesir is easy to use, it is only your own visions and creativity that limit the capabilites of the platform.

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