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No matter how far your customers are on their digital journeys, redWEB has the optimal ecommerce solution for them. We always tailor our products to accommodate you and your customers' specific needs.

Custom solutions that fit your needs

Our versatile ecommerce platform creates new customers and facilitates sustainable growth for multiple leading business. Custom made for them and their unique visions.

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Our ecommerce solutions deliver results each and every day

Our clients are able to take advantage of unique growth drivers that create tangible results.

Increase revenue in your specific market

We deliver a fully optimized ecommerce solution, built with the goal of generating traffic and efficiently converting users from interest to sale, and we accomplish this by shortening the user's journey - from effective SEO to dynamic landing pages to direct customer nurture.

Our solutions are always designed to gently guide customers through the digital storefront while also accommodating your business needs.

We also emphasize flexibility, so you are able to adapt to the development of your specific market when new wants and needs arise, and also painlessly integrate any external or internal systems.

The ultimate digital sales tool

We have built a new, revolutionary ecommerce platform, tailor-made for the future of ecommerce.

It is called Aesir Context Marketing, and our ecommerce component is called Aesir Ecommerce.

The platform combines our extensive knowledge of ecommerce, digital transformation, and business developments over the past decade, with a combined vision that it should be simple, valuable, and meaningful to use data to improve your business.

In short, Aesir Ecommerce is a full omnichannel, cross-border ecommerce solution that fits directly into the value chain of any modern business, and is enriched by the other systems included in the Aesir Context Marketing platform.

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Aesir Context Marketing and Ecommerce

Among other things, Aesir allows you to use personalization for product views, CTA modules and overall user experiences - with no limits.

At the same time, we've included a native business intelligence suite designed to generate enriched leads automatically based on user's actions on the site, their industry, or their personal engagement. It's the combination of alll these elements that makes Aesir the ultimate digital sales tool.

Aesir also integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, for example ERP or any other external systems used in conjunction with your partners or customers.

It is also possible to expand the core Aesir suite with Aesir PIM and DAM for the ultimate digital sales and marketing platform that supports any kind of market - now and in the future.

Aesir PIM and DAM forms the basis of the backend of the largest producer of playgrounds in the world, KOMPAN. Everything - from the smallest screw to the largest playground is handled and managed within Aesir, serving as the central platform for the daily operation of KOMPAN's intelligent business.

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